"Innovation is only truly successful when it is sustainable in the long run"

- Udo Lütze

Sustainable thinking and acting

Sustainable enterprise means thinking and planning ahead, understanding and embedding the belief that long lasting success is more important than short-term profit maximisation. This is an attitude that has existed within LÜTZE for some time. Economic and environmental responsibilities compliment each other well and are reflected in sustainable management and product policy – and also in the LUETZE sustainability campaign, SkyBLUE.


Sustainability has many facets
The LUETZE International Group manufactures their products in a resourceful and energy-conscious manner, we use durable and environmentally- friendly materials. Intelligent products also help our customers to save energy and resources. Sustainable products provide sustainable solutions.

Business is done between people

Quality, innovation and efficiency begins with people. We would not be where we are today without our highly qualified and motivated employees. An uncompromising focus on quality, nearly 60 years of experience in Automation Technology and of course a common desire for greater innovation and efficiency – that’s what makes LÜTZE so successful.

  • 2023

    Presentation of the new LCIS2 and LCIS3 relay with additional changeover contacts

  • 2022

    AirSTREAM System becomes an open control cabinet platform

    Market launch LOCC-Box-M in a mini format for universal current control up to 8 A

    Market launch of the PANELCON IP 69K fitting bush with a hinged lid

  • 2021

    New LOCC-Box generation for electronic current control

    Conversion/upgrade to 90 °C for the control cables and servo cables from the Bosch Rexroth and Siemens systems

    Market launch of E-CO Switches for industrial Fast and Gigabit Ethernet applications

  • 2020

    Introduction of the SPE cable for Drag Chains and OCT/Servo Ethernet cables

    LÜTZE enters SPE – Industrial Partner Network - the Single Pair Ethernet network of reputed companies in the automation sector

    Introduction of new digital communication formats, such as video blogs, podcasts, showbook, and streaming studios

    Expansion of the AirSTREAM wiring system to include the modular mounting rail system SR032 that offers more flexibility and simplifies the frame installation process

    Launch of the new LCOS bus coupler for current control and LCOS CC/CCI current control with selective fuse

  • 2019

    Opening of the Connectivity Competence Center at LÜTZE CZ

    Launch AirSTREAM Compact for small control cabinets and switchboxes

    LÜTZE takes over Passenger Information from PICASO and expands the product range of LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION to include areas such as flexible passenger information systems to control screens and displays, modular systems for passenger and driver intercoms, Ethernet solutions for data transfer in the vehicle, and signal generators

  • 2018

    ISO/TS 22163 certification

    60 Years Efficiency in Automation – LÜTZE celebrates its 60th anniversary

    Expansion of Connectivity Production at LÜTZE CZ

  • 2017

    Development of AirSTREAM wiring system to a full range program for highly efficient cabinet cooling

  • 2016

    Launch of LCOS PS, one of the worlds smallest power supplies

    Launch of AirBLOWER for even and consistent cabinet climate

  • 2015

    Expansion of the market leading, intelligent monitoring system, LOCC-Box

    Launch of the LCIS system series, an industrial relay family that can do more than just switch, it can measure, control and regulate

    Takeover of the US cable manufacturer, Data Guide Cable (DGC) and expansion of production capacities in the cable and wire field

  • 2014

    Friedrich Lutze, founder and Senior Partner dies aged 90

    Launch of the Online Configurator for the AirSTREAM wiring system

    Introduction of the intelligent Electronic Housing, LCOS

  • 2013

    Expansion of the US subsidiary in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

    Innovation Alliance Green Carbody results presentation: LÜTZE AirSTREAM verifiably reduces energy requirements for control cabinet cooling and helps to prevent hot spots in the control cabinet

    Founder of the company, Friedrich Lütze is awarded the Lifetime Achievement prize

  • 2012

    Establishment of Lütze Transportation GmbH

    Launch of energy-efficient and space-saving cabinet wiring system AirSTREAM

  • 2011

    LÜTZE joins the BLUECOMPETENCE sustainability initiative of the VDMA

    Launch of the LÜTZE sustainability initiative "SkyBLUE"

  • 2010

    Establishment of Luetze Trading Co. Ltd China

    LUETZE is one of the first 20 companies worldwide that comply with with the revised IRIS 02 standard

    LÜTZE, together with other well-known German companies in the automotive sector, becomes a project partner of the Alliance for innovation Green Carbody Technologies

  • 2008

    Establishment of Lutze Control System Ltd China

    The company's 50th anniversary

  • 2007

    One of the first companies in the world to hold an IRIS certification

    Worldwide launch of the intelligent power monitoring system, LOCC box

  • 2006

    Gernerational change. Udo Lütze takes the lead of the Lütze Group

    New ELFRA plant in the Czech Republic

  • 2004

    Establishment of the LÜTZE Sales company in Spain

  • 2002

    Takeover of the Electronic Production ELFRA s.r.o Czech Republic

  • 2001

    LÜTZE is the first company that can offer complex Analogue Converters with a 6.2mm width

  • 2000

    Market Launch of automation products for Railway Technology

  • 1999

    Launch of the LÜTZE DIOPC: Our first Controller on the market

  • 1995

    Certification according to DIN ISO 9001

  • 1993

    Establishment of the LÜTZE Sales company in the United Kingdom

  • 1992

    Market launch of the first Field Bus products: SERCOS, INTERBUS, PROFIBUS, CANBUS

  • 1989

    Establishment of the LÜTZE Sales company in the USA

  • 1987

    The Development and distribution of the first Railway products

  • 1986

    Expansion of Friedrich LÜTZE GmbH in Weinstadt

  • 1979

    Establishment of the LÜTZE Sales company in Switzerland

  • 1977

    Start of development of Housing Technology

  • 1976

    Establishment of the LÜTZE Sales companies in France and Austria.

  • 1974

    Market launch and production of Electronic components, such as, Transfer elements, Connector elements and Supressor components.

  • 1972

    Market launch of the LSC Wiring System with great success in the automotive industry

  • 1966

    LÜTZE develops the new SUPERFLEX® highly flexible cables for industry and construction

  • 1958

    Company founded by Friedrich Lütze



As experienced specialists in automation technology, with solutions for highly flexible cables, cable assemblies, interfaces, current control and cabinet wiring, LUETZE has focused on efficiency for many years.
LUETZE defines Efficiency in Automation as the use of sustainable products and solutions to further increase the performance of the products in our customer's applications.

Cable: Simply unbeatable

We have a comprehensive range of industrial cables with high availability for a variety of uses. Cables with very low capacitance for low-loss power transmission. Our own cable production and international approvals. The first highly flexible cables were also first produced in 1966 by LUETZE.

Connectivity: Staying in connection

At LUETZE, we are experienced in cable technology and are concerned with providing the appropriate connection technology and cable assemblies. LUETZE connectivity systems are compatible with all current standards. Our modern cable assemblies leave nothing to be desired. Design, documentation, production- all in our capable hands.

Control: Get ready for the 4th industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 needs communication, commuication needs security! LUETZE provides power monitoring, power systems and interface solutions for the Internet of things. LUETZE control solutions are characterized by particularly high efficiency. Minimal device dimmensions assist in the reduction of cabinet volumes, thus reducing the cooling energy required. Efficiency to the smallest detail.



With countless pioneering achievements and patents, LUETZE is today one of the world's leading companies in the automation industry. LUETZE invests considerably more in research and development than the industry average.


In 1972 the LSC wiring system revolutionized the way control systems are wired and build. Today, the AirSTREAM System is revolutionizing the control cabinet again. Making compact and thermal optimized control cabinets possible.



Luetze International GmbH,
Bruckwiesenstraße 17-19,
D-71384 Weinstadt